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Pink Prom Dresses: Perfectly Pretty in Pink!

Do you want to be pretty in pink for your prom? By far the most popular and demanded prom dress color of all, pink is essential for all your prom dress desires. Pink is a delicate, youthful color that’s perfect for teenagers. A blend of white and red, pink represents romance, femininity and love. As of late boys have begun wearing it so your date may not mind incorporating it into his suit. Pink is one of the easiest and simplest colors to wear which is why it is highly sought after for prom night. Since pink prom dresses are quite common, they’re not as pricey as other dresses so you won’t be spending a fortune for fabulosity.

Choosing a shade of pink has its ups and downs. Decide if you want to be an innocent princess or a sophisticated lady. Depending on your choice there are several variants of pink that you should consider. If you’re going for the innocent image on prom night, then a pale or baby pink would be precise. For the latter, go with a darker pink like magenta or fuchsia. Lighter pinks show youth and innocence, and are great because they are associated with Disney princesses like Cinderella. If you adore princess dresses then consider a baby pink one with lots of sequins or colored stones. Hot pinks are more spicy and sensual, so a long sleek dress would look great in darker pinks. Your individual style should be taken into consideration when determining which pink to choose.
Pink matched with silver gives any dress a romantic, mature feel. Pink looks awesome on all materials and fabrics! A pink dress with a studded bust or bodice looks exceptional on any body type. Pink lace is another hot trend that’s making its way from the runway to your local dress shop. When paired with sequins and beading, pink lace is to die for. Another great fabric idea for your pink prom dress is a skirt made of feathers or fringe. The feathers add a touch of fun, while a fringe dress is chic and vintage. Whatever style of dress you prefer, make sure your inner aura is shining through.
Some girls would prefer a softer pink but go with a darker pink instead to display their maturity. That’s perfectly fine but if your personality isn’t completely expressed in your dress, then you may not like the result. It’s best to stick with what you like as opposed to buying a particular color just to prove a point. Also, don’t forget to dress up your pink. Think of yourself as a Barbie as far as accessories go: doll yourself up and make the night sparkle with from your head down to your toes.
Accessories that match perfectly with pink prom dresses are endless. For starters, silver jewelry and tiaras look brilliant when paired with pink fabric. Gold is nice but silver and white metals give a more mature and delicate look (if gold is a must-have for you, then try white gold). For shoes, with pink dresses it’s best to stick with metallic shades. For makeup, wearing a pink lip shade is nice but make sure it’s subtle and not too loud. Pink lips are always a lovely addition to any ensemble. No matter your preference, by the end of the night you’ll be ready to steal the throne from a Disney princess!

Make Prom Night Special with a Classy Prom dresses

The hottest topic among high school girls is dresses for prom and about how they will dress up on the prom night. Prom night is the most captivating event for high school girls and boys both. Everyone wants to look special, stylish and trendy at his or her prom night. To search for a beautiful and elegant prom dress is one thing that every girl loves to do to have a glamorous look. The best prom dresses are mostly available in the bridal boutiques and in huge shopping malls, but the main thing is to get an eye-catching prom dress that is astonishing for everyone. If you want a clue to find trendy, stylish and classy prom dresses, then go with patterns that are exciting to make your prom night unforgettable. Here are some of the few points to make your life easier in selecting the right prom dress for you.

First requirement:
• The first thing is to know your preferences and make your decision about the look you want for the prom night.
• How would you imagine yourself in the prom dress? Are you willing to wear white prom dresses or short and strapless stylish prom dresses?
• Are you ready to carry a sleek dazzling look by wearing satin elegant prom dress or you are one of those who love wearing printed flowing prom dresses?
• After deciding on the length and the style, next requirement is to select fabric.
• What type of fabric do you want to go with? You can find prom dresses in satin, tulle, net, velvet, chiffon etc. The fabric with a fashionable look is satin.
Second Requirement:
• The most important thing is to select a right color for your prom dress, which will enhance your beauty.
• The colors you can select other than black, white and silver are bright red, sparkling gold, glittering silver, lime green, bubble gum pink, deep blue, etc.
• Always remember to go with the colors that suit you well.
• Sparkling gold or glittering silver color prom dress with light embellishment will look more inspiring and glamorous.
After choosing the fabric, style and color for your prom dress, you can decide on the patterns.
Select Trendy Patterns:
• You can go with regal corset prom dresses or stylish duct tape prom dresses. However, if you are looking for an elegant look then prom dresses that come with sleeves is a better choice for winter season.
• Whether you want to try strapless patterns or an A-line is completely your decision.
Once you’ve decided the pattern, you can finally decide on accessories. The accessories can make the simple ball gowns into stunning and glamorous designer prom dress. Make your prom night more special with crystal drop earrings or a stylish string of stones around your neck and do not forget to wear fingerless dress gloves to look more fashionable.

Getting Stylish Prom Dresses and Accessories – Simple As One, Two, Three

Getting Stylish Prom Dresses and Accessories – Simple As One, Two, Three

At last, the evening you have been waiting for, is near and you are searching for fashionable prom dresses that will suit your look and character best. A prom dress that is one of a kind, elegant, stylish, and refined. You flip through several magazines and watch videos online to look for that one perfect dress. This is the moment when you need to look your best. Knowing how significant this is for you as a junior or senior student, it must really be prioritized.

#1 Money
The very first thing that you have to do is to set a budget. This will help you find the right item without wasting effort and time. There are several kinds of prom dresses available online and in local dress and gown shops near you. You have to pick one that highlights your greatest physical assets.

#2 Trend
Know that newest trend, go through fashion blogs and reviews, magazines, or you can view some of the latest red carpeteventsand have a glance at the dresses worn by popular models and celebrities.

#3 Body
It is really vital to know your body type when picking prom dress. It is true that women come in all shapes and weight. Prom dresses that you see online or in local shops are almost always worn by ladies that have just one body type – skinny and sexy.

If you are skinny, then you may try out the sheath style of dressing.
If you are bigger, especially in the waist area, an A-line shape is more appropriate.
For ladies with bigger busts, try the halter neck style prom dresses.
Other designs and cuts like strapless and backless are also popular these days. Prom dresses with a few embellishments appear very sophisticated and are exceptionally beautiful.
Pick prom dresses that will enhance your waistline. Prom dresses with pleats, layers, or pleats give you volume at the right areas. If you like a sleek appearance, choose a full length prom dress. If you are not that tall, try an asymmetrical hemline cut. This will make you appear taller and be sure you use stylish pumps or stilettos. Try not to pick a shimmering prom dress as this will make your body flaws more noticeable.

Go over the latest designs, prints, and colors. Prom dresses come in several kinds, many colors, and unique cuts. Begin your search for the best prom dress ahead of time. Match up your prom dress with gorgeous accessories like necklaces and earrings, bring a clutch bag for you must haves and wear the most appropriate shoes.

You may think hat you have seen a beautiful piece. But, if it doesn’t suit you well, it certainly won’t appear good and you will feel uneasy. It is always better to try your prom dress weeks before the party and check if adjustments are necessary.
What are you waiting for? Start the fun of shopping for dress and accessories. Prepare well for that one big night and make everyone turn their heads on you!

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Dance the night away in these affordable prom dresses ♥

Warm Color Palette
Stylist Tip: If you adore warm colors, play with gold tone accessories, and have fun with your makeup and hair for a complete 2013 prom look.
view dresses: one, two, three, four
view dresses: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
Cool Color Palette
Stylist Tip: Cooler tones will look great with silvers and a pop of color for the shoes. Simpler dresses can be paired with statement necklaces and sequin belts too.
view dresses: one, two, three, four
view dresses: one, two, three, four, five
Happy styling! If you need any assistance with your prom attire, just let us know and we'll be happy to help you create the perfect 2013 prom looks. ♥

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Prom 2013: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails

Prom 2013: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails

corsage e1331594059781 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
With prom just around the corner, I am certain you beauties are beginning to get your dress, shoes and accessories all in order. But the primping doesn't stop there! I know when my prom came around, hair and nails were very important—the classic updo with curls and French tip nails were musts. Unlike many of my friends, though, I managed to teach myself how to do my own hair and nails and ended up styling my own look for the big night.
Since those days, I have developed a passion for nail art and beautiful manicures—and I thought it would be fun to share some great updated ideas for prom nails 2013! Whether you’re looking for an elegant, fun or glitterati look, this post is for you. Here are five great do-it-yourself looks for prom:

1. Keep It Classic

The French tip manicure style looks great on everyone. Truly a classic, a French manicure gives a very clean and elegant look and is easy to pull off on your own!
french manicure prom nails 300x262 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, OPI Alpine Snow
Tip: First, use an opaque white polish, and brush a horizontal stripe across the tips of your nails. Don’t worry if it’s messy: You can always touch up the edges with nail polish remover and a small, stiff art or nail brush to create a nice, clean arc. Then use a clear rose-pink polish to brighten the nail beds. Top off with a super-shiny top coat like Seche Vite to seal it all in. For some added glitz, you can also use mini rhinestones to add some sparkle! Come on now—who doesn't love at least a little sparkle?

2. Sparkling Tips

Speaking of sparkle, I know you glitter lovers also need to get your fix! Glitter polish comes in a variety of colors, and I've seen some pretty amazing ones that keep me coming back for more. But my favorite? Teenage Dream from OPI, a beautiful champagne and pink sparkle that looks gorgeous on everyone’s fingertips. But why do the whole nail when you can be different?  Try a glitter gradient!
glitter gradient nails 300x223 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your NailsSuggestions to complete the look: OPI Mod Hatter, OPI Teenage Dream
Tip: To create this look, you’ll need a makeup sponge wedge, a base coat color and a glitter polish … okay, maybe two glitter polishes. Start out with your typical base coat (I used a semi-nude color in the photo above), and allow it to dry. Then use the side of a makeup sponge and paint the glitter polish on the wedge. Dab the wedge over the tips of your nails. Allow that layer to dry, and repeat with another. I usually start about three-quarters or halfway up the nail and build up as I get closer to the tips.

3. Just Can’t Decide

If you are anything like me, you are trying to figure out how to use a couple of different polish colors at the same time. I’m constantly pairing up colors to see what new designs I can come up with. When it comes to prom party nails, some of us are split on classic vs. fun looks. Why not do both?
just cant decide prom nails 300x242 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Shorts Story or Japanese Rose Garden, OPI Teenage Dream andOPI Alpine Snow
Tip: To create this look, you can use a glitter polish (or any other noticeable color) for the entire nail and add the French tip edge with an opaque white polish. Now you get the best of both worlds! Want to try the style, but are still a little nervous about it? Start with a pink polish close to your natural pink tone, but a few shades brighter or darker. It will still catch the eye but won’t be so in-your-face!

 4. I Just Want to Have Fun
Zooey Deschanel made everyone go ga-ga over her cute “dressed up” nails, featuring a tux and bow tie. If you get to wear a dress, you might as well let your fingertips get dressed up, too!
tux on tips prom nails 300x219 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx
Tip: You can easily accomplish this look with an opaque white polish and a black nail-art pen or toothpicks. Seal the design with a shiny top coat so that the black doesn't smudge.

5. The Accent Nail
Why worry about jewelry when you can dress up your own nails with jewels? By adding a second color or some rhinestones to one ring finger, you can easily add some pizzazz to your prom look.
accent prom nail 2 300x250 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!, Essie’s As Gold As It Gets
Tip: Start by doing a normal manicure with the color of your choice. Then choose a complementary (or noticeable) color for one finger on your hand. If you want, add rhinestones or small arts-and-craft half-pearls to put on the finishing touch. All jewels can be sealed with a thick, shiny top coat like Seche Vite.

The Best-Dressed Celebs at the AMA's

Sequins, beading, and extreme color were just a few of the trends that landed these ladies at the top of our list for most stylish of the night!

Taylor SwiftNext
Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Taylor Swift

Taylor stunned in a beige, embellished Zuhair Murad mini last night. Between her bangs, super-amaze legs, and chic, strappy heels, we don't know what to say
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Lucy Hale

Lucy took a classic LBD by Elizabeth and James to the next level with candy red pumps and a Bauble Bar crystal statement necklace. Young and fun, just like her!
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Carly Rae Jepsen

We're pretty sure any prom-going teen girl was thinking "Hey Carly, call me maybe?" about borrowing the singers's sparkly-pink Gomez Garcia dress for the occasion.
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Carrie Underwood

Carrie proved plum is the hottest color this season in an Abed Mahfouz gown. The cap sleeves and turtleneck are unexpected, but they totally make this form-fitting dress and the intricate, sequin detailing is beyond gorgeous!
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden took the "short and sweet" approach to this year's awards show in a beaded Armani mini dress. Metallic accents made this dress seriously shine, but it was her pretty up-do and bright, bold lip we were loving just as much!

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2013 Prom Hair Idea

Prom Hairstyles

Choose a comfortable prom hairstyle: Some may be comfortable with some hair left loose around the face while others shine in sleeked back styles. Being confident makes your night more enjoyable and lets you enjoy prom night dancing with friends without the burden of prom night hair style disasters.
Know the forecast: Cool and dry? Hot and humid? Know the Hair Forecast in Columbus, Ohio. Humid weather has a very visible and unwanted affect on a person’s hair. It makes hair become unruly, frizzy and puffy and causes it to lose shine, smoothness and sleekness. Deep conditioning treatments are some of the best ways to reduce frizz. When a deep conditioner is added to the hair, it cancels out the dryness caused by the humidity in the air.
What prom hairstyles do you like? Are you interested in going for a long and flowing, curled and bouncy style? Do you want a sophisticated and elegant updo? Or maybe you have been considering the half-up/half-down look? The selections are endless when it comes to hairstyles for prom. However, the choice itself always tends to resort back to the dress.
Need prom hairstyle ideas for your big day? Scroll down to see different prom hairstyle ideas.

Prom Hairstyles 2013 need great attention when you are going to attend prom night, dinner or any other special event. There are so many prom hairstyles 2013 that will help girls in looking more beautiful and stunning. All these hairstyles are easy to create and give modern looks.
prom hair styles for strapless dress
Prom Hairstyles 2013
Let’s have a look at some of the popular hairstyles that can be created for prom for the year 2013. This year short, funky, straight, curly, pinned back, natural waves, fish tails, braids and buns are quite trendy.
Messy updo prom hairstyles 2013
This year messy hairstyles are very fashionable and prom night can be made memorable with these prom styles. There are many reasons why messy updo hairstyles are suitable for prom nights. First of all, you need a secure hairstyle that can make you feel comfortable on the dance floor; secondly, messy updos give you flexibility.
Prom Updo Hairstyles 2013
Prom Updo Hairstyles 2013
Half up and half down prom hairstyles 2013
This hairstyle is suitable for girls who have long or medium hair. Half of the hair is tied at the top while the remaining hair rest on the shoulders or at the back. Before creating this hairstyle you must know that it does not give volume to hair. It is one of the feminine hairstyles that look elegant.
Half up Half Down Hairstyles 2013 Prom
Half up Half Down Hairstyles 2013 Prom
Classic hairstyle
One of the classic prom hairstyles includes chignon that can be styled with bangs. Many variations can be created for chignon such as curls can be added to the side hair or top hair can be tied at the back to make a ponytail.
How to create braided chignon prom hairstyle?
Step 1: Make a ponytail by pulling the hair at the back and secure it with an elastic band.
Step 2: Braid this ponytail.
Step 3: Now roll the braided ponytail to make a low chignon.
Step 4: Secure this chignon with hair pins and apply hairspray.
Ponytail Prom hairstyles 2013
Ponytail is the hairstyle that is never considered out of fashion. There are many variations for ponytail. A ponytail can be created at the lower back of head, at the side or high at the back. Low ponytail is one of the red carpet hairstyles that is liked by celebrities. The best thing about low ponytail is that you can hide the elastic band by wrapping a hair strand around it.
Bella Thorne
Prom Hairstyles 2013 Ponytails
Short hairstyle 2013 Prom
Short hairstyles for prom offer many benefits to women who love wearing sassy and stylish styles. Women must get a short haircut such as bob cut, pixie cut or shaggy cut. All these haircuts can be styled with or without bangs.
Prom Hairstyles 2013 Short
Prom Hairstyles 2013 Short
Straight hair
Long or medium hair can be kept loose at the back. Straight and sleek hairstyle for prom night will make you look prominent. These straight hairstyles can be kept on the side at the shoulder and decorated with flowers.