Friday, December 28, 2012

Pink Prom Dresses: Perfectly Pretty in Pink!

Do you want to be pretty in pink for your prom? By far the most popular and demanded prom dress color of all, pink is essential for all your prom dress desires. Pink is a delicate, youthful color that’s perfect for teenagers. A blend of white and red, pink represents romance, femininity and love. As of late boys have begun wearing it so your date may not mind incorporating it into his suit. Pink is one of the easiest and simplest colors to wear which is why it is highly sought after for prom night. Since pink prom dresses are quite common, they’re not as pricey as other dresses so you won’t be spending a fortune for fabulosity.

Choosing a shade of pink has its ups and downs. Decide if you want to be an innocent princess or a sophisticated lady. Depending on your choice there are several variants of pink that you should consider. If you’re going for the innocent image on prom night, then a pale or baby pink would be precise. For the latter, go with a darker pink like magenta or fuchsia. Lighter pinks show youth and innocence, and are great because they are associated with Disney princesses like Cinderella. If you adore princess dresses then consider a baby pink one with lots of sequins or colored stones. Hot pinks are more spicy and sensual, so a long sleek dress would look great in darker pinks. Your individual style should be taken into consideration when determining which pink to choose.
Pink matched with silver gives any dress a romantic, mature feel. Pink looks awesome on all materials and fabrics! A pink dress with a studded bust or bodice looks exceptional on any body type. Pink lace is another hot trend that’s making its way from the runway to your local dress shop. When paired with sequins and beading, pink lace is to die for. Another great fabric idea for your pink prom dress is a skirt made of feathers or fringe. The feathers add a touch of fun, while a fringe dress is chic and vintage. Whatever style of dress you prefer, make sure your inner aura is shining through.
Some girls would prefer a softer pink but go with a darker pink instead to display their maturity. That’s perfectly fine but if your personality isn’t completely expressed in your dress, then you may not like the result. It’s best to stick with what you like as opposed to buying a particular color just to prove a point. Also, don’t forget to dress up your pink. Think of yourself as a Barbie as far as accessories go: doll yourself up and make the night sparkle with from your head down to your toes.
Accessories that match perfectly with pink prom dresses are endless. For starters, silver jewelry and tiaras look brilliant when paired with pink fabric. Gold is nice but silver and white metals give a more mature and delicate look (if gold is a must-have for you, then try white gold). For shoes, with pink dresses it’s best to stick with metallic shades. For makeup, wearing a pink lip shade is nice but make sure it’s subtle and not too loud. Pink lips are always a lovely addition to any ensemble. No matter your preference, by the end of the night you’ll be ready to steal the throne from a Disney princess!

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