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Prom 2013: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails

Prom 2013: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails

corsage e1331594059781 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
With prom just around the corner, I am certain you beauties are beginning to get your dress, shoes and accessories all in order. But the primping doesn't stop there! I know when my prom came around, hair and nails were very important—the classic updo with curls and French tip nails were musts. Unlike many of my friends, though, I managed to teach myself how to do my own hair and nails and ended up styling my own look for the big night.
Since those days, I have developed a passion for nail art and beautiful manicures—and I thought it would be fun to share some great updated ideas for prom nails 2013! Whether you’re looking for an elegant, fun or glitterati look, this post is for you. Here are five great do-it-yourself looks for prom:

1. Keep It Classic

The French tip manicure style looks great on everyone. Truly a classic, a French manicure gives a very clean and elegant look and is easy to pull off on your own!
french manicure prom nails 300x262 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, OPI Alpine Snow
Tip: First, use an opaque white polish, and brush a horizontal stripe across the tips of your nails. Don’t worry if it’s messy: You can always touch up the edges with nail polish remover and a small, stiff art or nail brush to create a nice, clean arc. Then use a clear rose-pink polish to brighten the nail beds. Top off with a super-shiny top coat like Seche Vite to seal it all in. For some added glitz, you can also use mini rhinestones to add some sparkle! Come on now—who doesn't love at least a little sparkle?

2. Sparkling Tips

Speaking of sparkle, I know you glitter lovers also need to get your fix! Glitter polish comes in a variety of colors, and I've seen some pretty amazing ones that keep me coming back for more. But my favorite? Teenage Dream from OPI, a beautiful champagne and pink sparkle that looks gorgeous on everyone’s fingertips. But why do the whole nail when you can be different?  Try a glitter gradient!
glitter gradient nails 300x223 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your NailsSuggestions to complete the look: OPI Mod Hatter, OPI Teenage Dream
Tip: To create this look, you’ll need a makeup sponge wedge, a base coat color and a glitter polish … okay, maybe two glitter polishes. Start out with your typical base coat (I used a semi-nude color in the photo above), and allow it to dry. Then use the side of a makeup sponge and paint the glitter polish on the wedge. Dab the wedge over the tips of your nails. Allow that layer to dry, and repeat with another. I usually start about three-quarters or halfway up the nail and build up as I get closer to the tips.

3. Just Can’t Decide

If you are anything like me, you are trying to figure out how to use a couple of different polish colors at the same time. I’m constantly pairing up colors to see what new designs I can come up with. When it comes to prom party nails, some of us are split on classic vs. fun looks. Why not do both?
just cant decide prom nails 300x242 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Shorts Story or Japanese Rose Garden, OPI Teenage Dream andOPI Alpine Snow
Tip: To create this look, you can use a glitter polish (or any other noticeable color) for the entire nail and add the French tip edge with an opaque white polish. Now you get the best of both worlds! Want to try the style, but are still a little nervous about it? Start with a pink polish close to your natural pink tone, but a few shades brighter or darker. It will still catch the eye but won’t be so in-your-face!

 4. I Just Want to Have Fun
Zooey Deschanel made everyone go ga-ga over her cute “dressed up” nails, featuring a tux and bow tie. If you get to wear a dress, you might as well let your fingertips get dressed up, too!
tux on tips prom nails 300x219 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI Alpine Snow and OPI Black Onyx
Tip: You can easily accomplish this look with an opaque white polish and a black nail-art pen or toothpicks. Seal the design with a shiny top coat so that the black doesn't smudge.

5. The Accent Nail
Why worry about jewelry when you can dress up your own nails with jewels? By adding a second color or some rhinestones to one ring finger, you can easily add some pizzazz to your prom look.
accent prom nail 2 300x250 Prom 2012: Five Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Nails
Suggestions to complete the look: OPI I Don’t Give A Rotterdam!, Essie’s As Gold As It Gets
Tip: Start by doing a normal manicure with the color of your choice. Then choose a complementary (or noticeable) color for one finger on your hand. If you want, add rhinestones or small arts-and-craft half-pearls to put on the finishing touch. All jewels can be sealed with a thick, shiny top coat like Seche Vite.

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