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Types of Prom Dresses for Different Body Shapes

Types of Prom Dresses for Different Bodies

Which Body Type Are You?

Big-busted and small-busted girls are in luck, as are girls with big or small shoulders. Apple and pear-shaped girls can find relief, too. This also applies to full-figured, athletic, and hourglass shapes. Finding the perfect prom dress does not have to be a struggle if you know how to work with your body. Therefore, embrace your body and learn how to make it look good. We are all different and different shapes suit our bodies. There is a lot you can do to make yourself look beautiful and feel confident in your evening dress. Follow these tips when you go out shopping for prom dresses and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Bust and Shoulders

If you are large busted, which means that you wear a C cup or larger, ball gowns and A-line gowns would work well for you. Further, you need to make sure you have enough support? After all, you will be dancing the night away. Choose a dress with a corset bodice with straps for security. If cleavage is not your thing, full coverage V-necks and halter gowns would work for you. On the other hand, if you wear an A cup or smaller, you are small busted. In this case, empire, ball gown, and A-line shapes work for you. Detailed and adorned bodices would make your chest look larger. Therefore, go for beading, embroidery, and ruffles up top. Further, if you have broad shoulders, go for dresses that reveal them. Halter and strapless prom dresses would work well. Girls with small shoulders look good in dresses with cap sleeves.

Full Figured, Hourglass, Athletic

Full-figured girls with curves should opt for A-line and empire dresses or ball gowns. The dress should not stick to all their curves, but hide their bottoms and problem areas. They also need to make sure, however, that the prom dress is not very bulky and does not make them look larger than they are. Girls with hourglass figures, on the other hand, do well in sheaths, A-lines, and ball gowns. A body-hugging sheath dress will help show off their curves. Athletic girls, however, need to create curves and softness with an empire or ball gown.

Pear or Apple Shapes

The prom dresses that work for girls with apple-shaped bodies are empire and A-line dresses. The high waist of the empire gown makes the body look longer. Emphasis is taken away from the mid-section. An A-line gown with boning also works well for apple shapes by making the waist look smaller. Girls with pear-shaped bodies do well in A-line, empire, and ball gowns. These girls have heavy bottoms and need to emphasize the top half of their bodies with their prom dresses. A dress with a nice bodice that flows loosely over the body works well. Strapless evening dresses and gowns work well, too.

Now that you know what can work for your body, you can shop for prom dresses. It is exciting. Remember that the fun does not stop with the dress. You also need to consider your hairstyle (will go for the classic prom up-do or not?), as well as your prom accessories and most of all, your prom date.

Prom Dresses and Your Height

Tall or Short – Find the Perfect Dress
Height and body frame matter when you’re looking for that perfect prom dress. Tall people look good in some shapes, while short people look good in others. The best thing you can do for yourself is to read up on your body type and learn how to choose evening dresses and gowns that fit you and your body. It may be hard to understand at first, but once you try on the prom dresses that we recommend for your body type, you’ll see what we’re talking about. Your prom night is special. It’s your night to shine. Your look may make or break your night. Follow our tips and get the compliments you deserve.
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Tall Girls
If you are tall with your shoulders proportional to your hips, you would do well in a sheath, A-line, empire-cut dress, or ball gown. Choose the empire dress if you are small-busted. It will create the look of a fuller bust. If you want to create an hourglass look, choose a gown with detail around the waistline. It will give definition to your waist. If you are very lanky and want to look fuller, prom dresses with ball skirts or A-line dresses would do the trick, especially if you want to hide very thin legs and narrow hips. You can definitely be the belle of the ball if you get the total prom look right. A prom dress with patterns also helps break length. It will definitely make you stand out. If you are into making a statement through your clothing, experiment with patterns and colors. Sheath dresses look beautiful on long and lean bodies. They accentuate the length and make you look classy.

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Petite Girls
Sheaths also look great on petite frames. If you are on the thin side, you can also add height with a simple sheath dress. You do not necessarily need to go full-length if you are shorter. The good news is that you can make yourself look taller by wearing a short dress. Short prom dresses are in style. If you want something different and eye-catching, pick up a short number and show off your legs. With a standout selection of short prom dresses for Prom 20013, you are bound to find one that works for you. You can choose a short dress that fits the body snugly, or you can opt for one with a flirty and full skirt. The full skirt definitely does wonders for girls who want to hide their thighs. If you want to create the appearance of longer legs, an empire or A-line dress would help with that. An empire dress is absolutely fabulous at making your torso seem shorter and your legs look longer. This will make you look taller in general. One thing girls with petite frames should remember is that large patterns will chop off their bodies and make them look shorter. Therefore, it is better if they choose a dress in one color. It will make their figures look long and sleek.

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